Monday, September 2, 2013

Visiting outer space through graphic novels

As a child, did you dream of being an astronaut?  Here are some graphic novels from author/illustrators who must have had the same dream.

Laika  by Nick Abadzis

Laika was the first animal in space. We follow Laika with her lab technician and the engineer in charge of the program.

Spaceman by Brian Azzarello

Orson is bioengineered by NASA to withstand space travel.Now Orson wants to find the real meaning of his life.  By Eisner Award winner author of 100 Bullets, this is for "mature  readers"

Twin Spica 1 by  Yagimua, Ko

Asuma is part of the first class of the Tokyo Space School founded after a horrible space accident which severely injured Asuma's mother.  Asuma may be the smallest in her class, but her brave heart makes her a leader.  Will Asuma and her friends actually become astronauts?  The story is told in twelve volumes This is a personal favorite of mine.

Ray Bradbury's the martian chronicles : the authorized edition by Dennis Calero

Calero brings Bradbury's classic stories to colorful life.


Saturn apartments volume one by Hisae Iwaoka

Mitsu takes on his father's job as window washer on the outside of a giant space station that surrounds earth.  The job is dangerous, but allows a Mitsu a glimpse of how those with real status live.  Mitsu lives with his friends and co-workers on the lower levels. Everyone has abandoned earth. Mitsu wants to know what it is like down below where his father fell to his death.  This story is seven volumes.  I never knew a "window washer" could be so interesting.

What about aliens who visit earth?

Resident alien, volume 1 Welcome to Earth! by Peter Hogan

An alien is stranded on Earth in Patience USA.  He hides out as a retired doctor, but is soon pulled into medical service when the local doctor dies.Then, he finds out he need to solve a mystery. This is volume one.  I am looking forward to more.

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