Monday, December 15, 2014

VIDEO Files (foreign films, anyone?)

I was originally going to post about the “Best Books of 2014”, but frankly, I’m not all that inspired by what is showing up on those lists this year. SO, I’m going rogue and posting some foreign films & documentaries that I’ve enjoyed:

The Intouchables (France)

An irreverent, uplifting comedy about friendship, trust, and human possibility. Based on a true story of friendship between a handicapped millionaire and his street-smart ex-con caretaker, The Intouchables depicts an unlikely camaraderie rooted in honesty and humor between two individuals who, on the surface, would seem to have nothing in common.

Benda Bilili! (Congo)

Follow an unlikely group of musicians in Kinshasa, capital of the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo, from the streets to the world's stages. The band, Staff Benda Bilili, is a group of street musicians composed of four paraplegics and three able-bodied men. The core of the group is four singer/guitarists who use customized tricycles to get around. French film directors Florent de la Tullaye and Renaud Barret document the band's struggles to survive through music in the volatile city.

Mother (Korea)

mother desperately tries to overturn her son's murder conviction, find the killer who set him up, and have him released from prison.  MPAA Rating: R; for language, some sexual content, violence and drug use.

Lagaan (India)

An arrogant British Army captain forces a bet on a group of farmers. If they can win a cricket match against the army team, they will not have to pay the tax called lagaan for three years.

Schultze Gets the Blues (Germany)
Schultze is a recently retired miner who, like his father before him, entertains polka audiences with his accordion. When he discovers the fiery energy of Zydeco music on his radio, the rigid monotony of his daily routine takes a spicy turn. Schultze learns to play his accordion with a new snap and style. His new-found fascination ultimately leads him on a life-changing journey to the Louisiana delta.

What foreign films have you enjoyed?

And in case you DO want to check on the Best Books of 2014, here are links to the lists:

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What do you think of the 2014 best books lists?  DO you have a favorite book from 2014 that you want to share?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Guest post: author Christopher Moore week, over 60 Sno-Isle staff attended a fun and informative training on helping readers find humorous books.  One of the highlights of the training was having author Christopher Moore (author of A Dirty Job, Lamb, and Bloodsucking Fiends, to name just a few of my favorites) do a Q&A via Skype. 

Mr. Moore was extremely entertaining, thoughtful, and had a good many opinions on what makes humor work.  Like many authors, he is also a great reader, and was happy to share some of his picks with us:

Books I recommend to fans:
Cannery Row, Sweet Thursday by John Steinbeck
The Ballad of the Sad Cafe - Carson McCullers
The Last Days of Summer - Steve Kluger
(For more see his website).

Books that have influenced me:
Cannery Row, Sweet Thursday by John Steinbeck
Jitterbug Perfume - Tom Robbins
Many Vonnegut books. 


Current favorite:
Just read Pure, by Julianna Baggott and I quite liked it

Books on my nightstand:
Dark Lord: The Early Years - Jamie Thompson
A Midsummer Night's Dream - No Fear Shakespeare edition.
Wait for Signs - Craig Johnson

Much thanks for sharing your time and books with us, Chris!

Monday, December 8, 2014


If you want to avoid the crowds, consider giving homemade presents. Some homemade gifts can be made in less time than it takes to get to the mall and find a parking space.
Gifts made by hand are cheaper, greener and more fun than store-bought gifts
Enjoy this list of books for gift giving ideas.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Great Three Years

I've come to the end of my 3-year term as a member of Sno-Isle's Readers Advisory Team. What a fun time I've had getting to share my love of reading with you! Of course, I will continue doing so on an unofficial basis at my library as I serve our customers daily. I kept the list of books I've recommended over the past three years, so I want to share some of my favorites.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Great Books for Gifting: Nonfiction*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=6*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=5

Nonfiction is like a candy shop - there is a perfect flavor for every reader, and so many possibilities to choose from!  Ask your librarian for suggestions to please each of the people on your gift list.  Here are just a few suggestions to get you started:*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=7,%20a%20whale,%20and%20a%20walrus&relation=ALL&by=KW&term2=erickson&relation2=ALL&by2=KW&bool1=AND&bool4=AND&limit=TOM=*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=2*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=3

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Great Books For Gifting: Adult Fiction*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=5*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=6*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=7

Books are the perfect gift.  There are such a variety to choose from.  For friends and family who prefer to read fiction, here is an eclectic mix with something for everyone on your list... And for your own reading pleasure, as well!*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=2*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=4*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=3

Monday, November 17, 2014

Great Books for Gifting to Young Children*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=26*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=24*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=27

It is the time of year when people are searching for the perfect gift.  Why not give the gift of reading – a gift that keeps on giving.  Here are a few selections to help you ignite a lifelong love of reading, learning and imagination for the youngest members on your list:*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=23